MADCOW Mission Statement:

"To create a community which cares about its people, its environment and its opportunities to live, work and prosper in a safe and sustainable way".

MADCOW Objectives:

  • to be a true representative body of the community of Monbulk and district

  • to liaise with other community groups, Council, other relevant government departments and organisations to represent the needs and wants of the community

  • to play a key role in encouraging communication and liaison amongst all community groups within Monbulk and district

  • to encourage local residents to take pride in being a part of the Monbulk and district community by making known the achievements and advantages of being a part of the area


MADCOW was founded back in the early 2000's by a group of local residents under the guidance of Yarra Ranges Shire Councillor Alan Fincher, the local Victoria Police Sergeant.

Others actively involved at that time were Paul Bennett, Edwin Birthisel, Jenny Breukel, Peter  Escreet, Pam Gloverr, Darrell Hayes, Robyn Jans, Leo Koelwyn, Jill A'Vard, Max Ludekins, Richard Mallaby, Gerry Pierce, Iris Schuurmans, Mark Seamer, Michelle Vanderlinde and Ray Yates.

The current members of MADCOW thank these visionaries for their commitment to Monbulk.

MADCOW  Model Rules of Association


Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012

MODEL RULES Associations Incorporation Reform Regulations 2012 Part 3

Copy of the Model Rules of Association can be found here.

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