The Executive Committee meets monthly to ensure projects, budget and meetings are running effectively and efficiently.

Aimee te Boekhorst

Aimee te Boekhorst
Branch Manager | Community Bank Monbulk & District
Joint President/Acting Treasurer

Luke Schroder

Teresa Schroder
Coordinator | Monbulk Produce Market
Joint President

 Paul Utting

Paul Utting
Vice President

 Teresa Schroder

Rebecca Meyer
Monbulk Football Netball Club

 Paul Bennet

Paul Bennett
Monbulk RSL
Risk & Compliance

MADCOW Committee Members:

  • Luke Schroder
  • Richard Licciardi
  • Jeanette Pritchard
  • Helen Riethof
  • Nathan Schroder
  • Peter Edyvane
  • Barry Megee
  • Belinda Grooby
  • Jill A'Vard
  • Brent Grogan
  • Maree Dawson

Sub Committees


Includes – Vic Roads intersection of Moores & Baynes Park, Rec Reserve project including children’s park, town plan, footpaths and central point for Monbulk.

  • Nathan Schroder
  • Paul Utting
  • Paul Bennett


Includes - roundabout, town cleanliness, community connectedness, community initiatives, public transport initiatives, increased use of Hub.

  • Jeanette Pritchard
  • Michelle Hall
  • Hilary Mellis
  • Carmel Mitchell


Connecting with the youth needs, services, social/skate facilities, council facilities, TRIP & driver education programs, community leadership programs.

  • Paula Hogan
  • Peter Edyvane


Includes teaming up with Rotary and MCC to grow the Fun Run and make a day out of it, supporting the produce market to encourage a great community market and create a town festival that can generate funds to support community initiatives eg: Christmas decorations.

  • Teresa Schroder
  • Kelly Utting
  • Helen Riethof
  • Aimee te Boekhorst
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