The Executive Committee meets monthly to ensure projects, budget and meetings are running effectively and efficiently.

Aimee te Boekhorst

Aimee te Boekhorst
Branch Manager | Monbulk & District Community Bank
Committee President


Teresa Schroder

Teresa Schroder
Coordinator | Monbulk Produce Market
Committee Vice President


Cheryle Foster
Committee Secretary

Debbie Trewavis

Debbie Trewavis
Manager | Nexus Travel & Cruise
Committee Treasurer


MADCOW network

Helen Riethof
Risk & Compliance

MADCOW Committee Members:

Nathan Schroder 

Peter Edyvane 

Jill A’Vard

Belinda Grooby 

Brent Grogan 

Luke Schroder 

Paul Bennett

Cheryle Foster 

Luke Schroder

Helen Willsher

Barry Megee

Jeanette Pritchard

Paul Utting 

Samantha Imberger 

Sonja Leigh

Anthony Brown


Sub Committees


Includes – Vic Roads intersection of Moores & Baynes Park, Rec Reserve project inc skate park and children’s park, town plan, sewerage, foot paths, central point for Monbulk, community calendar and advocate for a local petrol station

  • Nathan Schroder

  • Paul Utting

  • Paul Bennett

  • Mark Knight


Includes - roundabout, town cleanliness, community connectedness, community initiatives, CCTV and community safety, public transport initiatives, increased use of Hub .

  • Jeanette Pritchard

  • Michelle Hall

  • Hilary Mellis

  • Carmel Mitchell


Connecting with the youth needs, services, social/skate facilities, council facilities, TRIP & driver education programs, community leadership programs.

  • Paula Hogan

  • Peter Edyvane


Includes – Teaming up with Rotary and MCC to grow the Fun Run and make a day out of it, supporting the produce market to encourage a great community market and create a town festival that can generate funds to support community initiatives eg: Christmas decorations.

  • Teresa Schroder

  • Kelly Utting

  • Helen Riethof

  • Aimee te Boekhorst

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