March 8, 2018 | Sonja Leigh

The future of council recycling is in question but this doesn't mean that households should give away their good recycling habits and  send everything to landfill.

Locally, we have many alternative recycling services and with your help we will create a directory of where to send out household waste for recycling.

Yarra Ranges Fortnightly Council Recycling:

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Steel cans including aerosol cans, aluminium cans, clean aluminium foil and pie trays

  • Glass bottles and jars (including lids)

  • Milk and juice cartons

  • Books, envelopes, brochures, newspapers and magazines

  • Plastic bottles, containers, trays, plant pots with codes 1-7

  • Pots and pans

  • Plastic Toys

Find more information here.

HILLS Recycling

Located at the Monbulk Produce Market - Monbulk Sustainability Group stand.

The Monbulk Sustainability Group has teamed up with HILLS Recycling to bring more options Monbulk. Every month as the Monbulk Produce Market we will be collecting the below items for recycling.

Hills recycling m

Find more information here.

REDcycle - Soft Plastics

Located at Monbulk Woolworths

  • Biscuit packets (outer wrapper only)

  • Bread bags (without the tie)

  • Bubble wrap (large sheets cut into A3 size pieces)

  • Cereal box liners

  • Chip and cracker packets (silver lined)

  • Chocolate and snack bar wrappers

  • Cling Wrap - free of food residue

  • Confectionery bags

  • Dry pet food bags

  • Fresh produce bags

  • Frozen food bags

  • Green bags (Polypropylene Bags)

  • Ice cream wrappers

  • Large sheets of plastic that furniture comes wrapped in (cut into A3 size pieces)

  • Netting produce bags (any metal clips removed)

  • Newspaper and magazine wrap

  • Pasta bags

  • Plastic Australia Post satchels

  • Plastic carrier bags from all stores

  • Plastic film wrap from grocery items such as nappies and toilet paper

  • Plastic sachets

  • Potting mix and compost bags (cut into A3 size pieces and free of as much product as possible)

  • Rice bags

  • Snap lock bags / zip lock bags

  • Squeeze pouches with lid on (e.g. yogurt/baby food)

  • Wine bladders - clear plastic ones only

Please make sure your plastic is dry and as empty as possible.

Find more information here.

Soft plastic recycling m

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