March 2, 2018 | Sonja Leigh

A Good Place to Start m


This month the Monbulk War on Waste we will spend time understanding our current waste position as a community. Each week we have a different topics with locally relevant content. We encourage you to join in discussions and ask questions in the comments below or on the Monbulk Sustainability Group's FaceBook Page.


A Good Place to Start

Week 1 - Household Waste Audit

Week 2 - Recycling

Week 3 - Composting

Week 4 - Utility Audit

Household Waste Audit

This week we start with a waste audit of our household waste, this is to get a starting measurement for us compare our progress against, throughout the year.


  1. Print the below image, or, for a green star, reuse a scrap piece of paper and draw it up

  2. Stick your audit worksheet somewhere near your bin where you will be prompted to use it

  3. Start your waste audit on 'bin-day', that is a Monday for me

  4. Every time you put rubbish in your bin, or recycling, put a mark on your waste audit, in the relevant category

  5. At the end of the week count how many marks are in each section and take a photo of it

We will repeat the waste audit at the start of each month, you may choose to do it more or less.


Landfill Recycling m

Everyone will have different ways of measuring their waste, there is no rules besides consistency - make sure you measure the same way next time you do it.

Share a photo of your waste audit, in progress or completed, on the Monbulk Sustainability Group's FaceBook Page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it to us. We will make a picture gallery of your audits and compare them throughout the year.

Join us this Sunday for Clean-Up Monbulk Day at St George's Park. We will have copies of the waste audit worksheets and showing you an example with the litter we recover.

*Please be kind to yourself, and others, throughout this process. This is a long journey and together we will make it easier for others to follow. Small, slow solutions.

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